Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Below are some of the common questions we are asked in relation to the archive.

Why do some pages have audio files and others do not?

A number of reasons. In some cases, the concert or event may not have been recorded. In other cases, the audio recording may have a technical fault in which case West Cork Music has taken a decision not to make it available online. Finally, in a small number of cases, West Cork Music may not have permission to make the audio available online for rights reasons. West Cork Music is continuously working towards the goal of making our entire collection of recordings available through the online archive. However there will always be exceptions and we appreciate your understanding.

Why do some pages have video files and others do not?

West Cork Music has only recently begun filming selected concerts and events. As a result, only a limited number of performances and events found in the online archive have video available. Over time, West Cork Music hopes to increase the amount of video content in the archive.

I have searched the archive but cannot locate any entries for a particular artist or for a particular year? Are there items missing from or not yet added to the archive?

The archive is a work in progress. To date, only a modest percentage of our collection of recordings has been made ready for and published in the online archive. The remainder of our collection we are steadily working through and will gradually be added online over coming months.

Are the programme notes subject to copyright?

All rights in relation to the programme notes appearing in the archive remain with the authors. West Cork Music publishes programme notes only with the permission of the author. Re-use of the notes is not permitted, unless permission is granted. In order to request permission to use a programme note, contact West Cork Music by email and the request will be put forward to the appropriate author on your behalf.

Why can't I download the audio or video files?

The audio and video files in the online archive are available on a streaming basis only and cannot be downloaded. If you would like your own copy of the recordings you find in the archive, you may be able to purchase recordings by the same artist or of the same musical work either through the artist's website, online retaliers or at your local music and video retailers.

How do I use the audio player?

The audio player can be found on any page in the archive where an audio file is available for playback. It is very simple to use and is built using HTML5 so it will work on your iPhone, iPad or Android device as well as on your desktop or laptop PC. Below is a simple explanation of how the audio player works. Info Audio Player

I am interested in the West Cork Music collection of recordings for academic / research purposes. Is it possible to access material from your collection that is not online?

West Cork Music is happy to facilitate requests to access our collection for academic or research purposes, whenever possible. Please contact West Cork Music in writing with your request and we'll contact you to discuss further.

How will I know if more content is added to your online archive?

West Cork Music will post details about new content added to the archive in the News section of our website, on the archive homepage, and via social media.