About the Archive

Welcome to the West Cork Music Audio Archive, a comprehensive, searchable and free online resource providing past details of the West Cork Chamber Music Festival. Here you will find wealth of information - from performance dates, artists, venues, and programme notes to audio and video. The aim of the archive is to present our entire decades-long collection of Festival recordings in this online platform. Through this, we wish to make the Festivals accessible to a wider audience than is possible in our small venues or even through our radio audience. It also provides a wonderful opportunity for those who have visited us in Bantry to experience these performances a second time around. Currently, the Archive is a work in progress and contains about a third of all the recorded material we've gathered since 1996. We recently uploaded the concerts from the 2019 Chamber Festival. Archive visitors are encouraged to return on a regular basis to explore newly added content.

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No problem! This is a publicly accessible archive and we want as many people as possible to use it so please spread the word!

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Most answers can be found in our FAQs section which is available here

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West Cork Music is grateful to many funding bodies, organisations and individuals who have supported the creation and ongoing development of our archive.

Arts Council Failte Ireland

Additional funding provided by The Arts Council and Fáilte Ireland

RTE Lyric FM

Audio by kind permission of RTÉ lyric fm

Moon TV

Video provided by Colm Flynn - Moon TV Productions and Lense on Life

Audio Recordings

Recordings by countless artists, too numerous to list, are featured in this archive. Their generosity in sharing their gifts both in live performance, and also now in this online platform, is greatly appreciated. Their performances are at the heart of our organisation and our archive.

Programme Notes

Programme notes have always been a treasured part of the Chamber Music Festival Programme every year and now we have the pleasure and privilege of enjoying them online as well. Thanks to all contributors who have graciously granted permission for their programme notes to be included in the archive.